My name is Chrissy
I like to think of myself as fergalicious and kawaii
and Harry Styles is my baby honey boo boo ickle sugar plum darling.
☾❂⋆˚ * 。✩☽


I don’t have an FAQ because I’m a bad bitch & I don’t conform to society can I get a hell yeah

so ask me anything cause I won’t bite unless you’re kinky and into that stuff but i’ll have you know that I have a fetish for cute things and new books and if you buy me chocolate and ice-cream I will do a strip tease for you 


if it isn’t the teeniest little bit obvious,

i have a really fucking huge ass crush on Harry Styles and one day i will fuck him so hard he will see stars in his eyes!!!!!!11!!

come and stop by my cute lil mailbox and leave me a message and be friends with me because i’m lonely and weird and need hugs all the time 

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